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The people on the dairy are one of our greatest assets. They are the determinant factor to the success or demise of a dairy. To ensure we find growth, profit, and success for our clients, we focus on developing the skills and leadership of the people. We accomplish this through multiple routes.

First, we focus on finding people’s energy on the dairy and leveraging that energy towards accomplishing larger goals. This process can only be done with great communication and coaching over time.

Second, GPS has developed various education and networking opportunities for people of different roles on the dairy. We host Herd Manager Retreat to focus on how managers can lead the teams, improve cow performance and health, and share different and innovative ideas. Feeders attend Feeder Training where we reinforce the skills and concepts of mixing and managing feed on today’s dairies. Finally, we expose dairy to the future ideas and concepts which are driving our industry forward at our Leaders Forum. By pulling the brightest and most creative minds together at one forum allow for great networking and learning for all of our clients.

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