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Dado Dairy Consulting, LLC is a independent agent of GPS Dairy Consulting, LLC.

Working with an independent GPS nutrition consultant allows you the significant value of having the flexibility and opportunity to be self-directed and not tied to any one company, while utilizing competitive pricing which usually drives down feed and other costs. At the same time, the dedicated GPS Dairy Consulting independent consultants truly work together as a team to provide a unique and broad offering of services, tools, and expertise.

The GPS Toolbox

GPS Dairy Consulting has developed a “toolbox” of successful practices and tools to help our dairies be highly successful, including:


  • Ration Balancing and precise nutrition modeling of low protein rations

  • Feed Inventory Manager

  • Records evaluation expertise

  • Sesame ingredient purchasing software & reports

  • Forage & crop laboratory evaluation & database

  • Producer peer meetings specifically for owners, for herd managers, and for feeders

  • Dimensions of Success Model – coaching tools & expertise focused on leadership and people

  • Electronic Resource Library – a vast collection of decision-making aids and tools

  • Monthly technical education & best practice sharing

Teamwork and sharing of other consultant’s experience is a key component to the success of our dairy producers. Our team understands the importance of networking, sharing their experiences, and discussing current and future commodity markets. Each month, a networking call is facilitated by a member of GPS to keep consultants abreast of new ideas, products and technology. In addition, regular webinar training is offered which utilizes outside expertise in a variety of areas.

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