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Feed Costs

As independent nutritionists, we do not work for any feed company. In this way, we work for the dairy and provide impartial and research-based advice. We control feed costs in several facets. First, we focus on balancing rations to meet animal requirements without spending extra on unnecessary nutrients and additives. Second, we bid feed mixes with feed mills to allow for more competitive prices. Third, we assist in contracting commodities and keep a close eye on the feed markets to capitalize on bargain nutrients.

Service Fees

Our consulting services are based on a monthly fee which depends on the type and extent of services provided to the dairy. This is done to allow feed costs and consulting services fees to be kept separate. Therefore, the dairy has the opportunity to plainly see the value of our services.

Recognizing that vitamins and trace minerals must be purchased by the dairy and supplied to meet the needs of specific classes of dairy cattle we offer, as part of our consulting services, registered and protected sources of highly bio-available vitamins and trace minerals formulated and used by GPS Dairy Consulting, LLC.  We oversee the formulation of these products that ensures delivery of a consistent quality product to the mill of your choice.  We also utilize competitive pricing from multiple manufacturers that allows us to manage the margin that any supplier can take on these products. This allows us to deliver a consistent, fresh and competitively priced product while driving down feed and other costs.

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